Together with Aizono and Associates (a Japanese consulting firm in Kenya), Kakehashi Africa hosted a community prototype meeting. It was the first in a series of community meetings that will be organized on a monthly basis to establish an expert think tank on challenges facing businesses. The community was made up of experts from different fields including law, packaging and design, marketing, media, executive members of company, entrepreneurs, consultants and experienced public servants.

Case Method 1

In this first session, the discussion was focused on JINYA Shop, a local food store that aims to serve Japanese community. Started in 2014, it has had to change locations and reinvent themselves in order to remain afloat in business.While they were able to capture and exploit opportunities brought about by TICAD VI held in Nairobi, business has not grown as earlier projected.

In late 2018 (November), they expect to open a restaurant and needed ideas on how to go about increasing clientele and restaurant activity.

During the 2 hours, the team discussed and debated solutions while engaging the owner of JINYA shop to understand her background and contextual understanding, making it easier to derive viable solutions for her business.

All this was based on the understanding of her customer segments, customer relationships, value proposition, key resources and activities, key partnerships and cost structure.